It's not about me, it's about you.

I went to college not knowing what I was going to do. I took one video production class and !POOF! I knew! ( I also got a degree in Psychology, and in my mind, they go hand-in-hand).  I saved my money and bought my first VHS camcorder for $900. (It was a long time ago). I documented everything. I even had my own public access cable show (that apparently had a cult following.) I won lots of awards for it. (This was long before youtube so the audience couldn't get too big.)

Then I had babies and couldn't help but capture their precious faces. And I started capturing other kid's precious faces. I loved it, the parents loved it and I was doing something that I felt was very important - documenting life. Happy memories from my life are all over my walls... and I'd like your walls to be filled with them too! (Print them out!)

If you hire me to shoot your wedding, this day is about you and making your experience a great one! It's not all about me getting the shot that's in my head.  Yes, there are certain shots I'd love to add to your video or album, and if I can make it happen easily, I'll do it. But nothing about your day will be forced. I like to see the moments as they arise - I'm really good at that.  That means, you're not going to get stressed or frustrated or tired.  Because this day has to be great for YOU.  I'm just here to capture it and show you the best parts so you remember the best parts (and moments you didn't even know were happening.  That's so fun for you!)